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Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization or SEO services are a necessity for each and every website. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more generate their own analysis on websites and provide a certain ranking. The ranking will be high only if the content, links, redirects, errors of your website are all up to their standards. This is one of the major reasons for SEO services.
To be a determining factor in your business growth. You have an option to buy SEO services online only if you have everything else set up, that’s if you are a web developer. If not, we provide SEO services online along with designing the website too. SEO is a set of rules that help you optimize any website or blog to improve its search engine rankings.

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Social Media Marketing

We live in a virtual world these days, and that’s the truth. Exploiting this very fact, social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization(SMO) came in to picture. What is SMM in general marketing? What is SMO?

Digital promoting encompasses all promoting efforts that use on device or the net. Businesses leverage digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and different websites to attach with current and prospective customers.

SMM is using social media platforms as tools to promote websites, pitch in wherever necessary, monitor public agenda on your products and services thus increasing traffic while learning from user’s reactions. SMM websites dedicate their services to this type of marketing. Social Media Marketing definition provides us with a brief working method.

SMO in digital marketing is another excellent marketing method to increase brand awareness/recognition via social media platforms publicly. Social Media Optimization techniques involve analyzing data from RSS feed, social news, videos, blogs and more.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation in digital marketing terms refers to the generation of prospective consumers or clients’ interest for products or services of the concerned business organization through the medium of internet. The term leads is also known as potential sales contacts that can be generated through variety of means such as building out reward programs, loyalty programs, e-newsletter list acquisition and any other member acquisition programs. The lead generation services of digital marketing service providers is of two types – Sales leads – Generated on the basis of demographic criterion (income, age, credit score etc) and Marketing leads – brand specific leads generated for a unique advertiser offer.

Our Email Marketing Solutions

Understanding & Strategy

We value your ideas and imaginations, so making a photo copy of the same is the biggest challange and we accept the challenge. First step is to identify your needs which help us in strategising more effectively.

Email Template Design & Development

Cosmicvent being the leading web designing company also excel in email template designing. Our responsive email templates are compatible on all the devices and are appealing to the targeted audience. We also develop landing page for the email campaigns, so we don't miss out any opportunity of capturing a lead.

Email Campaign

Managing your email campaigns on safe email server with proper frequency, timely response & quality is our top most priority. We dont miss a single email from your client and respond them in time on behalf of you. Your reputation is our reputation and we certainly care of our reputation.

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